Why Do Women Break Up With Men

If you’ve ever lost your girlfriend then you know it can hit you hard. You may be left confused and wondering,”why do women break up with men in the first place?”

Well I hate to break it to you, but women and men are very different. Although you may feel like you’re giving her everything she needs, many times you find out later, that’s not the case. The good thing is women don’t have to be a complete mystery, they often give plenty of subtle signs telling you what they want during a relationship.

You just need to know what to look for and avoid making the same mistakes many guys make while dating. For one thing, have you ever asked yourself why women break up with a guy who gives them everything they need? Well obviously if it was “everything,” they wouldn’t leave wanting more… so what is it that makes girls want to break up?

Well, here are some of the top reasons your girlfriend may become an ex girlfriend if you don’t watch out.

1. She’s not attracted to you anymore. This ones a biggie and it can mean several different things. For starters women want a man with plenty of self confidence.

If you’re the jealous type who doesn’t trust your girlfriend, this is often perceived as a sign of low self confidence to your girl. They may put up with it for a while, but before too long you will start to look unappealing to them. In short you become a wuss.

The funny thing is, girlfriends almost always try to give you signs you’re being a wuss, often resulting in you feeling worse and acting more jealous, more clingy etc. It’s a downward spiral once this starts.

Your girl doesn’t want a wussy, she wants a man. Why do you think many girls go for the bad boy types, the ones they know will end up hurting them in the long run?

It’s uncontrollable instinct and it’s due to the fact that these types of guys have a high level of self confidence, and… They are in control.

Bad boys are humorous, playful and exciting. They don’t hang on the girls every move. If you’re too clingy it could mean disaster for your relationship. Which leads us to number two.

2. You’re too predictable. Women want some excitement in their lives and if you’ve fallen into the rut of just going through the motions you are probably boring her. Most women find “nice guys,” while cute, and great for friends, very boring overall. You don’t want to end up in this category, demoted to friend material status, do you?

If you’re not making your girlfriend experience new things, acting unpredictable, taking charge, surprising her and telling her where you’re taking her tonight, then your relationship is suspect.

Your girlfriend wants passion. When she asks what you want to do tonight, she doesn’t want to hear you say, “whatever you want to do!” Many guys fall into the trap of trying to do everything they can to impress a girl. Often totally unaware of how much damage they are doing to their relationship.

Don’t make your girlfriend look elsewhere to find the feelings of excitement that she wants.

Many women want to feel the excitement of a man who is confident in himself, self sustaining and knows what he wants. Are you showing your lady that your unpredictable and passionate? Or are you continually acting predictable and dull?

3. My boyfriends not there for me. Guys, if you are not there for your girl, then your lack of attention will get her looking elsewhere for someone who gives her more attention.

This can be best corrected with a balanced approach. Obviously it can be a fine line due to the fact that you don’t want to seem too clingy, right? Your best bet is to show you care, give her regular attention and still maintain your normal activities with your friends. Spending one on one time just with her is a good way to alleviate your girlfriends lack of attention problem.

4. You are Not compatible to her core beliefs. This one is tricky and simply put means you both don’t hold the same values in high regard. If you’re a conservative money grubbing capitalist banker and she’s a die hard socialist liberal then chances are you guys might not see exactly eye to eye.

It sometimes happens that after a while of dating a girl you both realize just how different you really are. In this case good communication is crucial to talk about where you both stand to try to better understand what your girlfriend really wants.

5. Your level of commitment. Are you in there for the long haul or just fooling around. Women are constantly evaluating the situation of the relationship and how it stacks up to their long term plans.

If you both are at different stages it can put a huge strain on the romance. Does she want to get married while you’re still in dating mode? If so you want to confront these issues before they blow up.

Of course, these are just a few of the many reasons a relationship can fall apart. There are hundreds of reasons why women break up with men. For more answers on how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up, you’ll definitely want to follow this link.

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June 25, 2008

One of the big mistakes men make is to think that the reason a break up is taking place is because they’re not doing enough. Guys usually think that if they do more, give more or throw themselves at a girl that they can win them back. Whenever a guy does this he loses his self respect and looks like a loser.

In dating I’m looking for a guy who has self confidence, knows what he wants and makes me feel special. It doesn’t hurt if he takes care of himself and enjoys the same things as me.

Posted by Angry ExNo Gravatar
June 26, 2008

hm, very useful article… thanks ;) +1 voted

Posted by Alex LoverNo Gravatar
August 8, 2012

Ok I have a question. We all know that men and women are different however; women are more interested in having there brain stimulated with emotional conversation yet when the time comes to break it off with a guy they are very cold. When a guy breaks up with a girl and she asks why most guys will explain so why can’t women?

Posted by carlNo Gravatar
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